THE FORCE OF BREATH: Skills for Psychological Recovery
Educational and methodological manual
Vitality/Psychologist Package App
The Vitality/Psychologist Package application is a tool that will help you get a clear picture of the psychological state of victims of Russia's war against the Ukrainian people.
Distribution of Vitamins to IDPs in Lviv: pregnant women, lactating women and young children
Project to support pregnant women, nursing mothers and children with targeted vitamins
Hotline for psychological support for families whose family members are missing, captured, tortured, or sexually abused
A woman under occupation
A woman under occupation
Medical Aid Project
Support for the supply of medicines to hospitals in Mykolaiv, Dnipro, and Kharkiv, Ukraine
Ambulance/ Thanks! WE SUCCEEDED!
We purchased an ambulance and it is already working to save lives!
Support for Ukrainian firefighters, doctors, and defenders
The Public Archive of Oral History
Спільноти Самодопомоги є учасником проєкту Fundacji Dobra Wola (Краків. Польща), які разом реалізовують проєкт «Громадський архів усної історії», в рамках якого здійснюється відео запис десятків "усних історій" волонтерів, ветеранів, ВПО. Після повномасштабного військового вторгнення росії в Україну, ГО Спільноти Самодопомоги розпочали новий етап запису усних історій біженців, з Маріуполя, волонтерів зі Львова, Києва та інших міст.
The second edition of the manual «THE FORCE FOR BREATHING»
The training manual will contain theoretical material and a set of techniques for individual and group work. So, in the first chapter, the main attention will be focused on the analysis of the conceptual characteristics of a person's experiences of such personal events as "war", "extreme events", "state of crisis", "crisis situation", "psychological trauma", etc.
My Story - My Power
"My Story - My Power: Storytelling as a means of psychological recovery" for ex-combatants of the ATO/JFO
Art project "Military field ART"
Mental health without borders
First psychological aid - Application for mobile phones