Ambulance/ Thanks! WE SUCCEEDED!


Thank you Marta Pyvovarenko,

who, instead of a present for her birthday, asked her friends to donate funds for an ambulance.

Thank you very much!

And thank you very much to everyone who donated money to this charitable cause,

A very special thanks to:

- Ukrainians of Colorado,

- Katja Kolcio,

- Katya Chizayeva,

- Madlena Rozenblyum,

- Galina Itskovich,

- Olena Burda,

- Larissa Babij,

- Alexandra Shear,

- Olena Avramenko,

- Anna and Alex Boyko,

- Inna Krivolap,

- Lorraine Mischuk,

- Loretta.M.S,

- and other benefactors from the USA, Canada and other countries.

And we wants to thank Daniel Burton for his help restocking the ambulance with @weinmann.emergency medical equipment.

Thank you very much for all of you!

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