The second edition of the manual «THE FORCE FOR BREATHING»

The second edition of the manual "THE POWER OF BREATH" is being prepared jointly with Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University.

The training manual will contain theoretical material and a set of techniques for individual and group work. So, in the first chapter, the main attention will be focused on the analysis of the conceptual characteristics of a person's experiences of such personal events as "war", "extreme events", "state of crisis", "crisis situation", "psychological trauma", etc. The materials placed in the second section will be focused on practical assistance to the psychologist-consultant in modern conditions of professional activity.

It does not matter what psychotherapeutic base you already have, or what therapeutic methods you have worked with before, this edition will be aimed at providing psychological means of recovery and can complement the therapeutic process at any stage of working with a person experiencing traumatic stress or an ongoing threat.

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