Providing medical and humanitarian support for hospitals and Defenders of Ukraine.

Ukraine is now facing an extreme deficit of medical supplies and drugs for hospitals, which save the lives of the civilian population. Through its networks of longtime trusted contacts in health care, NGOs, Ukrainian diaspora, and other communities, CSH is organizing the purchase of much-needed medical supplies in Ukraine and abroad and delivering them directly to the places and people who need them most. This includes hospitals in Lviv, Mykolayiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Kyiv oblast (Bucha, Borodyanka)

Making a donation today - could save lives!


Take a new (or used in very good condition) box.


Put the medicine (or supplies) in the box.


Use packing tape to close the box securely (see image).


Fild in (HUMANITARIAN AID FORM) receive barcode confirmation and attach it to each box. (Recipient information). NOTE! if you send several parcels, you only need to fill out the form once, but you must send the list of track numbers to together with the confirmation code.

With any questions please contact Meest US representative. m Phone: 732-634-1517 ext.219


Send shipment to the Meest US. warehouse (or check with your country)


600 Markley Street

Port Reading, NJ 07064

732-634-1517 / ext. # 219


As soon as Meest Inc. receives your shipment you will be invoiced. After invoice payment goods will be sent to the NGO Community Self-help, Lviv (Ukraine) and delivered to the hospitals we help.

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