The NGO "Community Self-Help" has raised more than UAH 2.8 million in 10 months

The NGO "Community Self-Help" (CSH) has raised more than UAH 2.8 million to support Ukrainian hospitals, defenders, and IDPs.

This was announced during a press conference at Ukrinform by Vitalii Kharechko, Chairman of the Board of the Community Self-Help NGO.

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"Thanks to our partners from the United States and Europe, it became possible to deliver medicines to those who need them most. In total, we raised UAH 2.8 million. Most of the funds were used to purchase medicines, first aid kits, bandages, etc. Also, a considerable amount of money was spent on logistics, i.e. we had to bring everything to hospitals or people in need," he said.

Kharechko noted that 31% of the funds raised were individual donations, and 69% were received from various international foundations.

"In 2022, we implemented 24 projects. In particular, we received and met the needs of hospitals in Dnipro, Mykolaiv, and Kharkiv. We had a project to support firefighters with equipment. In addition, one of our activities was to provide vitamins to pregnant women and young children," emphasized the chairman of the board of the Community Self-Help, NGO.

The NGO "Community Self-Help" was officially registered on January 31, 2022, to support Ukrainian hospitals, defenders, and IDPs. We were founded in 2015 as a similar project supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine.

The organization's areas of work include: providing medical and humanitarian support to hospitals and the defenders of Ukraine, fighting in the information war against Russian disinformation, and providing psychologists and psychosocial assistance providers with the necessary training.

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