Supporting and strengthening the rehabilitation system for victims of a full-scale military invasion

The other day there was a visit by an international volunteer of the NGO "Community self-help" of American optometrist Kristina Rakochi, to the Regional Ivano Frankivsk Veterans Affairs hospital in the city of Kolumii where they have met a local Ukrainian optometrist to exchange information in their field, specifically on protocols for head injury patients. Together, they identified the needs for equipment needed for diagnosis, rehabilitation and vision assessment. They agreed on the translation and transfer of training manuals and algorithms for assessing the vision of patients and further cooperation.

Chrystyna is an optometrist, a world-class specialist specializing in the assessment and rehabilitation of vision in brain injuries. Her skills are used to evaluate US military personnel with visual dysfunction.

The NGO "Communities Self-Help" expresses its gratitude to Chrystyna Rakoczy for her concern, active public position and openness to further cooperation.