Psychological support for volunteers working with forcibly displaced people

The need is dictated by time - psychological support for volunteers who work with forcibly displaced people.The activities of representatives of "helping" professions always include an element of risk associated with the specifics of contact with injured people. Now, this risk of debilitating occupational stress is extremely high, and the number of people who need help is increasing every day and every hour.

A series of activities to support volunteers working with forcibly displaced people was conducted by Marta Pyvovarenko, a psychologist and advocacy specialist of the NGO "Community Self-Help" (a psychologist with 19 years of experience in psychotherapy, training, and supervision, an invited expert of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Development of a Complex System rehabilitation of veterans", which is implemented by the Women's Veteran Movement with funds from international technical assistance from 2021 until now. Leading supervisor of the support hotlines "Families whose family members are missing, captured, tortured or raped", which is financed by the UN and the hotline " Ukrainian Veterans Fund") and Halyna Itskovich (licensed clinical psychotherapist, supervisor and teacher from the USA - LCSW-R, Master of Social Work, New York. She has many years of experience in counseling families and children with communication and relationship disorders - DIRFloortime expert and ICDL clinical consultant, deals with issues of psychological trauma and overcoming the consequences of crisis events).

The meeting format is mixed online and offline in Lviv so that as many people as possible can join. Attention was focused on:

- on the possibilities of support for parents traveling with children; - methods of reassuring pregnant women and forcibly displaced women with children; - on quick methods of individual support during crisis situations, strong emotions and dangerous incidents in field conditions

Volunteers of the NGO "Community Self-Help" contribute their skills and strength to help and create opportunities for support for others. Each of you can participate. Any help is very important - it helps save lives. Make a contribution