Merry Christmas! Dear Friends of Ukraine and NGO "Communities Self-Help"

Dear Friends of Ukraine and NGO "Communities Self-Help",Merry Christmas!

We sincerely wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas Season!

May your hearts continue be warmed with Love and generosity, your eyes shine with happiness and your home be filled with well being and joy!

Christmas is the season of Light in the darkness, and giving, especially to the most vulnerable people. Because of you and your generosity, NGO "Communities Self-Help" helps those most in need, and all who defend Ukraine and their family and homes.

We wish good health, Christmas Joy and blessings to you, your families and all your friends during this beautiful season.

NGO "Communities Self-Help" thanks you for bringing light and goodness into this time of war against Ukraine and her people. We thank you in the true spirit of Christmas!

Merry Christmas Season!

Yours gratefully, NGO "Communities Self-Help"

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