Medicines for the Borodyansk Rebcenter, with an emphasis on women's health

Dear readers, friends and partners, we want to share with you some good news about our achievements and tell you what is going on.

In July 2022, the NGO "Communities Self-Help" purchased and arranged the shipment of medicines with an emphasis on women's health with a total cost of 16,275 euros from Lviv to Borodyanka, Kyiv region.

Why is it very important?

The village of Borodyanka in the Kyiv region was under the occupation of the Russian invaders for a month. The former premises of the Borodyan Center for Social Psychological Rehabilitation were completely destroyed as a result of a Russian tank attack. Unfortunately, the lives of two employees of the Center were lost.

On the very first day after liberation from the occupation, the staff of the Center immediately began to provide medical and psychological services at the humanitarian headquarters, which was set up in the Borodyan school. The Center pays special attention to women who suffered as a result of the military aggression of the Russian occupiers. Women and children of Borodyanka are the two categories that most need medical and psychological help.

The NGO "Communities Self-Help" could not remain aloof, and in order to help the Borodyan Center for Social Psychological Rehabilitation, we started collecting funds and spreading information and a request for help. We have extensive experience in effective procurement and logistics of humanitarian aid supplies, both international and national, including legal and practical (local) aspects, and also have our own expertise in the field of medical psychology.

To everyone who has joined and helped in this particular mission, we sincerely thank you for your support and assistance. The BYSOL Foundation was one of the first to react and helped not with words, but with deeds. Thanks to the efforts of the BYSOL Foundation, 16,275 euros were collected for medicines for Borodyanka and Buchi and handed over to the NGO "Community Self-Help". Sincere thanks to you!

@girls.power.belarus thank you for your informational support in this difficult time for women in Ukraine.

The delivery was made with the help of the Nova Poshta courier service, as well as with the support of #Fondation_Air_Liquide, thank you very much.

Join the fundraiser for medical humanitarian aid by following the link https://communityselfhelp.\org/en/donate

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