Medicines for hospitals in the Dnipro and Kharkiv regions

The NGO ``Community Self-Help" sent medicine to Dnipro and Kharkiv region. 25 boxes of medicines were sent to the ophthalmological clinic of Dnipro, and 15 boxes of medicines were sent to the clinic of the city of Dobroduhyv, Kharkiv region.

We express our sincere thanks to Middletown's South Fire District Fire Department, the Community Health Center and the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, Wesleyan University and the Middletown community. Special thanks Katja Kolcio, doctor of somatics, director of the Albritton Center from Wesleyan University.

We continue to send the materials that all these kind people helped with - sincere words of thanks. Everyone can help and any kind of help is very important - it helps save human lives. Donate

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