Larissa Babij – a creative person, a bright human, a volunteer of the NGO "Community Self-Help"

Larissa Babij is a Ukrainian-American born in Connecticut, USA. She writes, performs, and has worked for years in developing and promoting Ukraine’s experimental performing arts and contemporary art.

She moved to Kyiv in 2005. On February 24, 2022, she fled her home and spent the next 7 months living in different parts of Ukraine, following and reporting on wartime developments and working to help Ukraine defend itself (like most people who remain in the country).

In the first days after russia’s full-scale invasion Larissa settled in Lviv, where she quickly found her old friends Marta and Vitaliy, who had organized the NGO Community Self-Help to provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees and medical institutions. Larissa soon began volunteering with the organization as a translator for interviews with international media and coordination calls with international aid partners. For several months she sent out the daily CSH newsletter sharing news and photos of the group’s activities and then coordinated the work of additional volunteer authors. She also maintained communication with Ukrainian diaspora communities, especially in her home state Connecticut, and helped organize fundraising drives and purchase medicine abroad. She adapted the English version of the CSH website for an international public. From the very beginning, Larissa’s parents, Lana and Eugene, joined Ukraine’s spirited defense from Connecticut, regularly sending money and medical supplies for Ukraine’s defenders and medical personnel.

We are deeply grateful to Larissa and the entire Babij family for supporting Ukraine’s fight to defend itself and for helping bring about Ukraine’s victory sooner! Your consistent efforts assure us that by standing together we can overcome anything.

This is an an example of how Ukrainians abroad can help Ukraine in these difficult times. When you care about the fate of your homeland, it’s impossible to stand still.

You can contribute to Ukraine’s victory and join Community Self-Help’s activities as a volunteer. Please submit the following google form and we will respond soon.