Kevin Cohen is a volunteer with a capital letter

Kevin Cohen, Tactical Paramedic, NAEMT Certified, US Marine Corps Veteran, Ph.D. He arrived in Ukraine in April with two tactical backpacks and three army bags of tactical medicine. Immediately, upon arrival, on the platform of the Lviv railway station clearly expressed that he wants to save people and teach what he is good at - how to “correctly” save yourself if you are wounded on the battlefield. Initially, Kevin conducted classes in tactical medicine and advised employees and volunteers of the NGO “Community Self-Help” on the issues of effective staffing of tactical first-aid kits: - what exactly should first-aid kits have inside in order to increase the chances of saving a person’s health and life?; - how to spend the donated funds as productively as possible to purchase the necessary staff for first-aid kits?; - how can you get by with improvised means, reducing the cost of first-aid kits and not losing the efficiency of filling them?; - which Ukrainian analogues are not inferior in quality to European and American ones and can be safely used?

Starting from May and until today, Kevin is in the east of Ukraine, where he trains our soldiers to provide first aid on the battlefield according to the TCCC protocol, the MARCH algorithm. He is also involved in evacuating people and delivering humanitarian aid.

The other day, a guy came up to me. I trained his unit to help the wounded in combat. He told me how he used what I taught to save a life on the battlefield. One of the boys in his unit had a popliteal artery cut and was bleeding rapidly. He put a tourniquet on the boy’s leg, but it did not stop the bleeding. In my classes, I talk, talk, talk... how to troubleshoot a tourniquet. And he said he went through the steps that I used to hammer in the head of these guys and stop the bleeding that way. The boy survived and is now back in battle. It is very important for me. At Such moments, I know that I came to Ukraine for a reason”, Kevin shares his memories.

People who know Kevin thank him for his work and say that he is “a bright light in this dark world of war!”

Kevin Cohen is a volunteer with a capital letter, a brave person, and his efforts to support the

people of Ukraine are incredible! Thanks to such sincere and dedicated people like Kevin, we will definitely win. Thank you so much Kevin!

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