«Jinriki» auxiliary sets for wheelchairs were handed over to the Lviv Center for Disability and Rehabilitation

Representatives of the NGO "Community Self-Help" handed over auxiliary sets for wheelchairs to the residents of the Lviv Center for Disability and Rehabilitation. This became possible thanks to the generosity of Japanese businessman and inventor Nasayoshi Nakamura.

The Japanese invention Jinriki is an application that is simply attached to a wheelchair and, regardless of the condition of the road, makes it many times more mobile, in particular during emergency evacuation. We know from experience how difficult it is to push wheelchairs on destroyed roads - jinriki ensures easy, smooth movement of the wheelchair using the strength of the whole body. With the help of this Japanese invention, transportation becomes possible even if the road is covered with snow, gravel or sand. Outings into nature without a flat or asphalt road become possible

The Lviv Disability and Rehabilitation Center houses not only pensioners, but also veterans, including amputees. Now, residents of the center in wheelchairs are able to enjoy visiting the area with uneven paths and move at a slightly higher speed than usual.

As it is our desire at CSH to help those who are most vulnerable we noticed that some of the wheelchairs were less accessible devices than others because they were so old. Help the NGO "Community Self-Help" to help these brave people and maybe together we will be able to replace these old wheelchairs with newer and more comfortable wheelchairs.

We sincerely thank Mr. Nakamura for his ingenuity and generous support and encourage each of you to do your part to support the most vulnerable and those in need. Every donation you make is extremely important - it helps save lives. Make a donation