Students of the Vienna Business School donated to the projects of the NGO "Community Self-Help"

Student education at the Vienna Business School offers more than just training – it is a comprehensive development that optimally prepares specialists for their professional future. This is how the students of the Vienna Business School learned about the activities and projects of the NGO "Community Self-Help" at a meeting with Kateryna Buchko, a psychosocial support specialist of the NGO "Community Self-Help".

While popularizing the activities of the NGO "Community of Self-Help" among student youth in Austria, Kateryna received a large number of questions about current and future projects, observed great interest and delight for the activity. Many thanks to the students and teachers of the Vienna Business School (Austria) for the donated funds to support the projects of the NGO "Community Self-Help".

Such meetings expand opportunities and are useful both for the participants and for Ukraine. The more people know about the activities of the NGO "Community Self-Help", the more opportunities there are to attract resources and, accordingly, the more people we can help together. Please share this information with people who care.

We, the NGO "Communities of Self-Help", together with you, help people who are currently in trouble due to the barbaric full-scale military aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed - your donations help save lives. Ordinary Ukrainian people need support and we continue to provide it with your help. Make a donation