Medicines for Azov
$12500 - Goal

11 May is the birthday of two members of Community Self-Help: Marta Pyvovarenko and Michael Radigan. The best gift for us is the chance to save a life for our defenders from Azov.

We are launching a fundraiser of $ 12500 for the medical needs of one of Azov's units.

Donations are needed for tactical medicine in support of the AZOV regiment-- and in honor of those who already gave their lives--and for all of their families who are the future of Ukraine.

With your generous donation, these funds will be purchased for wounded and recuperating defenders with tourniquets, bandages, occlusive dressings, tactical scissors, hemostatic bandages, IV kits, and other critical supplies.

Community Self-Help supports the people fighting and living through russia's military aggression against Ukrainians, and we ask for your vital gift to keep fighting for freedom together.

You can see a list of medical supplies from Azov paramedics - here

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