Fundraise for 10 Medical backpack

The Community Self-Help NGO, together with Veteranka (Ukrainian Women's Veterans Movement) and Ukrainians of Colorado, continue to raise funds for 10 paramedics' backpacks.

Ukrainians of Colorado is working to help fundraise for organizations in Kyiv: Community Self Help, NGO & Ukrainian Women’s Veteran Movement.

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As we know, our soldiers on the frontlines are fighting to defend our country and our people. The situation on the frontlines is dire, and medical assistance is incredibly in need.

The medical backpacks are extremely crucial for soldiers on the frontlines. Each backpack will include life savings items, such as: tourniquets, dressing, stumps, gauze, airways, suction devices, constricting bands, and much more.

Each backpack, to include items and shipment to the frontlines, will cost $2,400. Each backpack can save up to 15 lives. Our goal is to purchase 10 of these backpacks, which leads to a total goal of $24,000.

We hope that you can help us reach our goal. Any type of donation will help. Please share on all platforms if you can.

A little bit of information on these organizations:

NGO "Community Self-Help" support Ukrainian hospitals, defenders, and first responders. They protect and respond to the needs of Ukraine. NGO "Community Self-Help" has to have a comprehensive approach to supporting Ukraine's healthcare system, Ukrainian Defenders, and addressing the psycho-social needs of civilians and veterans. Its efforts encompass both tangible support and information-based initiatives to create a positive impact in the country.

“Ukrainian Women Veteran’s Movement" help the defenders of Ukraine, as well as the people who suffered from the Russian invasion

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